Welcome to Inspirit Naturopathy where we hope you will find the knowledge and motivation you are searching for in order to take the next stage in your personal and spiritual development.

Inspirit Naturopathy was founded in 1998 by Dr Linda Low in order to help individuals find and treat the cause of debilitating health issues. Do you suffer allergies, anxiety, stress, digestive disorders, depression, chronic infections chronic fatigue, hormne imbalances, arthritis, PMT, menopausal symptoms, weight problems or any other irritating illnesses? If so then Naturopathy will be beneficial to you. Naturopathy treats and cares for the whole person, treatment may involve addressing mental, emotional, social or environmental factors, or usually a combination of these.

Naturopathy treatment encourages the recovery and prevention of diseases and imbalances through the application of safe, natural remedies and improved lifestyle factors. It also encourages you to take an active role in the healing process and works with the body’s innate healing systems. The overall aim of Naturopathy is to help patients achieve optimum health and vitality on all levels through using an holistic approach.

Naturopathy can optimize the health of the whole family, from children’s health to teenage worries, from fertility and libido issues to positive ageing for women and men, and from sports medicine to achieving a fitness and lifestyle plan to suit your busy schedule. What’s more, we work with your GP or other health professionals.

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INSPIRIT TAEKWON-DOIn ancient times the martial arts master was also an accomplished healer, using knowledge of the body’s internal energy wisely and effectively through years of self-discipline and training.

The Inspirit Taekwon-Do Academy can offer:

  • Martial arts the whole family can enjoy
  • Fast and effective self defense skills
  • Improved cardiovascular performance, muscular strength and flexibility
  • Competitions at world, national and state level
  • A balanced way of life

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